Musings Part III: The Challenge to Grow

Aristomenes X

Social media reflects the state of the modern world. It is an arena of data mining, so long as people continue to post representations of their visceral responses to all the little things in life. Data mining the seemingly innocent indicators of individual and collective desire, and the behaviors corresponding to them facilitates the structuring of marketing strategies by individuals and groups invested in doing so. We are told this is to more efficiently promote goods and services people want. It’s just the good old free market at work.

The darker side, of course, is the mapping of the internet user’s behavioral spectrum in order to establish set pathways of stimulus/response. Encouraging creative discourse and problem solving do not quite fit within the parameters of that agenda, where it clashes with the interests of its promoters.

Social media could be a conduit of illumination and problem solving far in advance…

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Learning from Time Obsession-Free

Aristomenes X

This is the first post of the Q&A category. Namely, a reader asked the following interesting question:

“How do we learn from possible futures without becoming obsessed with the future?”

Those who seek to awaken their potentials of awareness, are often challenged to confront their relationship with time. They are challenged to experience permanent residence in the present moment. In parallel, they are challenged to understand the past, and to navigate the future. This may sound counterintuitive, but from the perspective of grounded and applicable esoteric wisdom, the future is the least important of the three standard temporal references.

In some of the more marketed versions of metaphysical thought there is the notion that the higher dimensions of time refer to everything occurring at once. There is, in other words, only the present and future and past coexist in it. Another perspective associated with the previous is the notion that…

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Pollice verso per Hillary Clinton

Political forecasting: mistakes and frauds

The Imperative of Self-Cultivation

Aristomenes X

The imperative of self-cultivation is not a commandment by deity, nor is it arrogant ambition or cult initiative. It is nothing less than evolutionary necessity.

A psychopath lacks any sense of heart connection to their environment. They manifest a bloated survival instinct, and attempt to fill the empty soul-void at their core. The inner distortion, marketed as evolutionary superiority, fuels a sense of desperation that mobilizes determination, mental focus and a constant calculation of the odds of in all their competing relations- everything and everyone.

Inner distortion makes them desperate beings. Under the well-adjusted exterior, there is a cornered animal at odds with the world. In depths they rarely acknowledge the torment of survival struggle makes existence intolerable. In the mind of the psychopath whose intellect has been molded by necessity, there is the imperative to be a god.

It is not just any god, but ‘The’ God that has…

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Horizons in the Mist

Spartacus against Rome, Aristomenes against Sparta…it looks as though our lives have always been ones of constant fighting against slavers, as in Cloud Atlas

Aristomenes X

This venue, this medium to write as one wills is fascinating to me. It encourages horizons to spread invitingly. It beckons the mind to touch formerly unexplored possibilities and dissolve the mists of uncertainty and confusion around them. It is enticing, and it is daunting. Fascinated as I am, however, I feel as if trying to put on a suite that sits on my frame like I’m wearing a loose version of the skin of someone else.

How do I just wear the damned thing and be done with it? How do I make any needed alterations? Do I- mixing metaphors here- just swagger through this virgin territory or should I be more careful and conservative in my expression? I’m not sure. What is certain is that when I get into tap dancing my fingers across the keyboard, I care less and less about such details- until the tapping stops…

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Growth and Revelation – Part I

Aristomenes X

A while back I read an intriguing article entitled Slavery and the Eight Veils by Don Harkin. Recently I came upon another article, this time by A. True Ott, PhD, a personal acquaintance of the previous author, who amended the number of veils to nine. This essay is built on my impressions of these articles, in comparison with the four stages of spiritual growth by M. Scott Peck, M.D.  I was undeniably intrigued by these writings and their implications. For some reason, in comparing them, my mind jumped to the traditions of Indian Tantra; namely to the way humanity is defined in terms of three categories or types: the herd human, the heroic human and the enlightened or divine human.

I had read about the four stages before, and also about the eight veils, but connecting them never occurred to me. When I read Dr. Ott’s article…

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The mother of all financial collapses, and a new beginning

Stefano Fait, forecasting foresight anticipation


A dysfunctional debt-based monetary system, massive imbalances in the markets, immunity from prosecution for those responsible for the 2007-2009 crash, and inadequate responses on the part of Western central banks and governments have created gigantic, global commodity derivatives bubbles that will most likely burst by year’s end, causing a global financial collapse (Our Dysfunctional Monetary System, Forbes, 6 Feb 2016;Analyst: Here Comes the Biggest Stock Market Crash in a Generation, Fortune, 13 Jan 2016).

In such a scenario, banks would be bailed-in and this would produce huge layoffs. The US would hit the debt ceiling earlier than foreseen and would be forced to issue debt-free money (The Trillion-Dollar Platinum Coin Is Back, Bloomberg, 13 Mar 2015) to fund job-creating government spending.

This would, in turn, cause a worldwide flight from US$, a dramatic loss of confidence in the Federal Reserve, hyperinflation in the States…

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Paesaggi di seta, Venerdì 5 alle 17, Social Store, Trento


Ci siamo. Vi aspettiamo domani alle 17 presso il Social Store, via Calepina a Trento, per l’inaugurazione di “paesaggi di seta”

Kimono per il vostro nuovo guardaroba, i nostri piccoli oggetti di design giapponese che arricchiscono la vita quotidiana, bellissimi libri e fumetti di autori giapponesi, degustazione del tè, mostra fotografica di paesaggi giapponesi.

Ce n’è per tutti!

Due settimane in viaggio per il Giappone
Un evento, un itinerario per avvicinare alla cultura e al fascino del Giappone.

Una piccola mostra mercato che raccoglie alcuni kimono uniti tra loro dal tema della rappresentazione del paesaggio.
Paesaggi fantastici che rimandano all’amore e al rispetto della cultura giapponese per la Natura, e paesaggi realistici che rievocano e tramandano miti e storia.

Libri, film e fumetti (Miyazaki, Hosada, Mizuki sono solo alcuni degli autori) un ampia e curata selezione proposta dalla Libroteka di via Mazzini.

Il paesaggio torna protagonista nelle immagini fotografiche proposte dall’associazione Yomoyamabanashi.

Sarà poi Wazars store – simplex munditiis con un’accurata selezione di oggetti ad introdurre lo stile giapponese con arte, design e artigianato

Venerdì 5 alle 17 vi aspettiamo all’inaugurazione con Noh il teatro del tè, che proporrà una degustazione.

Se prendete poi in considerazione l’idea di visitare dal vero il Giappone, Stefano di studierà insieme a voi il vostro viaggio su misura.

Social Store
Via Calepina 10, Trento


Partecipazione oltre il referendum

Francesco Palermo

sprechblasen(pubblicato sul quotidiano Alto Adige del 06 gennaio 2016)

Se il referendum sia o meno un’abdicazione della politica è tema ricorrente e irrisolto. La risposta dipende dall’impostazione culturale e ideologica e dalla tradizione giuridica. Certo è che anche il ricorso al referendum è una scelta politica. Indipendentemente dal fatto che sia una decisione meditata o una scelta dettata dall’incapacità di decidere altrimenti.

Il 2016 sarà un anno ricco di referendum. Dal piano locale (aeroporto e “progetto Benko”) a quello internazionale (nel Regno Unito sulla permanenza nell’Unione europea, la cd. “Brexit”), si celebreranno consultazioni importanti. E sulla stessa opportunità o possibilità di indirle si giocheranno i destini politici di molti governi (si pensi alla Spagna e alla Catalogna).

La forza del referendum è tutta politica. L’esito referendario ha comunque una forza maggiore rispetto a qualsiasi atto normativo, indipendentemente dalla sua natura giuridica, tanto che anche i quesiti meramente consultivi hanno una…

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