Musings Part III: The Challenge to Grow

Aristomenes X

Social media reflects the state of the modern world. It is an arena of data mining, so long as people continue to post representations of their visceral responses to all the little things in life. Data mining the seemingly innocent indicators of individual and collective desire, and the behaviors corresponding to them facilitates the structuring of marketing strategies by individuals and groups invested in doing so. We are told this is to more efficiently promote goods and services people want. It’s just the good old free market at work.

The darker side, of course, is the mapping of the internet user’s behavioral spectrum in order to establish set pathways of stimulus/response. Encouraging creative discourse and problem solving do not quite fit within the parameters of that agenda, where it clashes with the interests of its promoters.

Social media could be a conduit of illumination and problem solving far in advance…

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La catastrofica demografia di una civiltà al lumicino

Quel giorno che Donald e Vlad scongiurarono il secondo olocausto, tra il disprezzo generale

Magari un giorno gli storici ci diranno che Putin e Trump hanno fatto quel che hanno potuto per salvare Stati Uniti e Israele dai rapitori che li tenevano in ostaggio


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