The Imperative of Self-Cultivation

Aristomenes X

The imperative of self-cultivation is not a commandment by deity, nor is it arrogant ambition or cult initiative. It is nothing less than evolutionary necessity.

A psychopath lacks any sense of heart connection to their environment. They manifest a bloated survival instinct, and attempt to fill the empty soul-void at their core. The inner distortion, marketed as evolutionary superiority, fuels a sense of desperation that mobilizes determination, mental focus and a constant calculation of the odds of in all their competing relations- everything and everyone.

Inner distortion makes them desperate beings. Under the well-adjusted exterior, there is a cornered animal at odds with the world. In depths they rarely acknowledge the torment of survival struggle makes existence intolerable. In the mind of the psychopath whose intellect has been molded by necessity, there is the imperative to be a god.

It is not just any god, but ‘The’ God that has…

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