-skopìa will cover the last mile of your H2020 project


“Excellence”, “impact”, and “quality and efficiency of the implementation” are the three award criteria of European funds in 2016.

Impact is often the least represented in science-based consortia. However, because of the Commission growing emphasis on social and economic fallout, impact might decide the outcome of your next grant application.

-skopìa is a SME of the university of Trento, focusing on the impact of science-driven decisions on communities, companies and governments. As a consulting firm specializing on futures studies, -skopìa investigates the medium to long-term impact of science-based analyses and transdisciplinary solutions. -skopìa clients are NGOs, companies and governments.

-skopìa provides added value to its clients by supporting anticipatory governance and forward-looking decision making, and by promoting mutual learning between science and society.

-skopìa may join your consortium as a SME partner, and manage the last mile of your science project.

How does -skopìa cover the last mile of a H2020 project?
1. IDENTIFYING the decision makers, the relevant stakeholders, the potential IMPLEMENTERS AND BENEFICIARIES (as well as the opponents) of your proposed solutions, and help you understanding their motives
2. Working to DISSEMINATE results, PROMOTE adoption, and EVALUATE how society might react to the research project implementation
3. Establishing the KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS (KPIs) that best capture the combined effects of 1 and 2, then MONITORING short and long term KPIs performances

How will it be incorporated in your project?
Through facilitation and coaching for dissemination work packages, collecting and processing feedbacks from civil society, -skopìa will bridge the time and space mismatch among research expected results, decision or policy making and benefits for society.

-skopìa is a start-up of the University of Trento. Its founding partners have 80 years of collective experience coordinating European projects or managing Work Packages.

Should you be looking for a SME adding value to your next H2020 project, please browse http://www.skopia.it or contact our Grants manager Rocco Scolozzi, rocco.scolozzi@skopia.it
Trento, November 2015


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