Hitler the Artist and the Fatal Attraction of the Nazis


watercolour by Adolf Hitler watercolour painted by Adolf Hitler

Fanaticism is, in part, a condition of being overpowered aesthetically.

George Kateb, Patriotism and other mistakes, 2006

Often the postwar transformation of memory took on strange forms, as in the appropriation by Mexicans of the Volkswagen Beetle, originally the Nazi “Strength Through Joy” car, as a national icon in the late 20th century; painted yellow, the vochito, as it is known, is still widely used as a taxi. The Beetle is also a German national icon, the symbol of the 50s economic miracle, with the company manufacturing a “New Beetle”: an example of postmodern retro-chic. Owners of the original cars hold conventions on the old grounds of the Nuremberg rallies, seemingly oblivious of, or indifferent to, the car’s Nazi origins.

Why are we obsessed with the Nazis? Guardian, 6 February 2015

Adolf HitlerLike it or not, how can we fail to recognize in this…

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