The first human revolution and creative explosion – a prelude to another possible Great Leap Forward?

Siamo in procinto di subire un’ulteriore mutazione, un balzo evolutivo paragonabile a quello di 40-50mila anni fa?
Chi farà la fine del Neanderthal e chi farà parte dell’avanguardia di un Mondo Nuovo?
Chi sfrutterà psicopaticamente le sue nuove capacità?



Did your DNA overturn any family folklore?

My results are fairly typical demonstrating northern European descent. I did have some Neanderthal—2.1 percent.

What was your family’s reaction?

I think my wife always suspected.

A Q&A about Our DNA with Geneticist Spencer Wells

The earliest Homo sapiens probably had the cognitive capability to invent Sputnik, but they didn’t yet have the history of invention or a need for those things.

Sally McBrearty, University of Connecticut

The Neanderthals…were complex beings and talented users of the landscape they lived in: a far cry, indeed, from the brutish image with which generations of cartoonists have endowed them. But they left no evidence of the creative, innovative spark that is so conspicuous a characteristic of our own kind. […].Cro-Magnons…there’s no doubt that they were us. Physically they were indistinguishable from living Homo sapiens; and, in its richness and complexity, the surviving material evidence of…

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