From a sociopathic civilisation to a socio-therapeutic civilisation

il fatalismo ha mai giovato a qualcuno?
Fa solo il gioco degli psicopatici. Chi vuole continuare a giocare secondo le regole degli psicopatici, faccia pure.
“Io a questo gioco al massacro non ci sto”.


Cataste e Canzei, Mezzano, Trentino Cataste e Canzei, Mezzano, Trentino

World wealth has reached a record $263 trillion but is concentrated in fewer hands. The richest 1 percent have accumulated more wealth, and own almost 50 percent of it, which could trigger recession, according to a new report by Credit Suisse.

Richest 1% own 50 percent of world wealth – Credit Suisse report, RT, 14 October 2014

Nine of the top nations on the 2012 Happy Planet Index, undertaken by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) which rates human well being, were countries which had high levels of poverty. Countries such as Bangladesh, Thailand, Mexico, Sri Lanka and Pakistan where poverty is also widespread all finished higher than the United States, Australia and United Kingdom. All three failed to finish in the top forty. […]. Australian author Peter Jensen in his recent book, Lessons in Happiness from the Third World, emphasises that…

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